Facts About Delaware – Part 1 of 3

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Are you searching to take a vacation to a brand new place? Well learn some facts about Delaware. You will be able to savor yourself in Delaware much more by knowing some of the historic sites around this state.

These travel tips will help you plan a vacation and understand why Delaware is called the “Small Wonder”.

1 . Inventor of Phonograph

Eldridge Reeves Johnson was the inventor of the phonograph. He started the Victor Talking Machine Company. You may know that today as RCA.

At the Johnson Victrola Museum in Dover, Delaware you can see an oil painting of his dog Nipper. This is the dog that’s the trademark of RCA and the painting is called “His Master’s Voice”.

2 . Fewest Counties

One of the facts about Delaware is that it has got the fewest counties in the United States. You will find only three counties that breaks Delaware into three major sections. New Castle County makes up the northern section. Kent County comprises the middle section and Sussex County makes up the southern section.

You will find that New Castle County is the most populated and you can easily access Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Nj-new jersey from there.

Kent County makes up the middle section of Delaware and is a mixture of farm land and suburbs. Their state capital, Dover, Delaware is found there along with Dover Air Force Base and the NASCAR Monster Mile Race track.

Sussex County hosts the famous Delaware Beaches. You can access Maryland and Virginia from this part of Delaware.

All of Delaware counties are bordered on the west by Maryland and the Atlantic Coast on the east.

3. First Beauty Contest

At Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the first beauty contest in the United States was held back in 1880.

The beauty contest was actually called the “Miss United States” contest and one of the three judges was Tomas Edison. This contest has evolved into what we know today as the Miss America Pageant.

4. First Coastal Zone Act

In 1971 Delaware passed the very first Coastal Zone Act in the usa. This barred pollution by industries. This was to protect Delaware beautiful beaches and wetlands from pollution.

5. First State to fly Stars and Stripes Flag

One of many historic facts about Delaware is that the only Revolutionary battle fought in the state of Delaware was at the Battle of Cooch’s Bridge, which took place on September 3, 1777. This was where in actuality the 13 star flag was flown.

Delaware County PA (2)

Delaware has a very rich history and it is near to Washington D. C. for you personally site seeing lovers. You’ll find that this state offers a convenient access to some of the major attractions on the east coast.

One of the little known details about Delaware is that most of the population is made up of people from other states. This is due to people either retiring to or moving here to raise a household. Part 2 of 3 will give you some more reasons why individuals are vacationing and moving to Delaware.